Troubleshooting Tips for What's Going On Under the Hood


When your car doesn't ride as smooth as it should or you notice odd odours or other telltale signs of trouble under the hood, you don't want to put off getting repairs. Something minor can easily become a major problem, and you could also suffer a breakdown while on the road. Note a few troubleshooting tips for figuring out what's going on under the hood when your car starts to act up.

Engine jerking around

If the engine seems to jerk around when you drive, this often means a clogged fuel filter or clogged fuel lines so that the engine is not getting enough fuel to maintain proper combustion. When combustion is spotty, the engine will jerk as it tries to keep that ignition. You can try to add a fuel detergent to the engine to see if that helps, but it's often best to have the fuel lines drained and cleaned and the fuel filter replaced as needed.

Popping noises

If the engine makes popping noises that sound like backfiring only not quite as loud, this could be caused by the gasoline igniting prematurely. Rather than mixing with oxygen in the engine and creating combustion, the gasoline might ignite on its own and create a popping in the engine's cylinders. The excessive heat this produces can result in severe piston damage, so take your car in for repairs as soon as you notice this sound.

Rubber burning

When you smell rubber burning from under the hood, this may mean that a hose or belt has come loose and is touching something hot, and this heat is burning the rubber away. You might open the hood and see if you can locate the area of the smell, as this can tell you which piece needs replacing. Also, note any other symptoms that could tell you the location of damage; for example, a squealing sound when you start the car will indicate a worn fan belt or alternator belt. An engine that is running indicates it's a radiator hose that needs replacing.

Blue smoke

Blue smoke from the tailpipe means that oil is mixing with fuel somewhere in the engine. Usually this is due to worn head gaskets, as these are meant to keep those cylinders sealed. Ignoring this problem will allow the oil in the engine to burn away, which can cause your engine to seize up and need replacing altogether. It's better to have this problem checked as soon as you notice this smoke than assume you can keep topping off the engine with fresh oil.


29 March 2017

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