What Those Odd Sounds From Your Car Might Mean


When your car needs repairs, you might notice odd sounds from under the hood before you notice anything else. You don't want to ignore these sounds, as they may simply indicate a minor repair that needs to be addressed; if not fixed as soon as possible, that minor repair could become something major and expensive. Your car could even give out when on the road, leaving you stranded. Note a few clues as to what those odd sounds from your car might mean.


You may know that a high-pitched squeal, especially when you first start the car, often indicates a fan belt that needs replacing, but this sound can also mean that the alternator belt is going bad. The alternator has gears that are connected by a belt and, if it snaps, the electrical systems of the car will fail. If you hear the sound while driving, this usually indicates bad bearings, which are located in the gears of the wheels. When these fail, the wheels may not turn.

Squealing can also mean that a brake pad is slipping away from the callipers, and this sound is created by the grinding of metal against metal; you may also notice a burning smell when this happens. If the wheel's rotor is worn down, this can also cause the brake pad to squeal but usually only when you apply the brakes. Wet brake pads may also squeal, although they usually dry off over time and the noise disappears.


Grinding sounds often indicate that a brake pad has slipped and is grinding against the rotor. If you hear this sound when you apply the brakes, this may indicate that the rotor has worn down. The pads begin grinding as they try to squeeze the rotors hard enough to stop the car.


Problems with the tyres and steering often cause thumping noises. A bent rim can mean a tyre is not moving straight forward, and it may thump as it rotates. A bent axle or tie rods can also keep a tyre from rolling straight, and it may thump as it hits bumps in the road. A broken spring or strut can cause thumping sounds, and you may feel the thump or bump from that side of the car as you drive. Your car may also have a nail or something else in the tyre, and it will thump and bump every time it hits the road. A tyre may have also gone flat or is severely deflated and will make that thumping sound since it's not spinning evenly or gripping the road properly.


30 March 2017

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