Two signs that your car needs to be serviced


A lot of car owners put off getting their vehicles serviced because they either don't want to incur the expense or are simply too busy. However, if you noticed any of the following signs, it's a good idea to take your car to the mechanic for a servicing as soon as possible.

Your vehicle has become less fuel efficient

If you have noticed that you have been spending more money on fuel for your car, even though you are driving the same distances that you normally do, this might mean that your car needs to be serviced.

There are lots of minor maintenance issues which can result in a vehicle becoming less fuel efficient. Under and over-inflated tyres, low or contaminated engine oil, misfiring spark plugs and dirty air filters can all result in a car guzzling more fuel than it otherwise would.

Fortunately, a mechanic can address all of these issues during a routine servicing; they will adjust the tyre pressure, replace damaged spark plugs, top up a car's fluids and clean its air filters.

As such, whilst the cost of getting your vehicle serviced might seem somewhat high, it could actually end up saving you money in the long-term, by significantly reducing your car's fuel consumption.

Your brakes are not performing as they should

A typical servicing will usually include a thorough inspection of a car's brake system; the mechanic will look for signs of deterioration or damage which could affect the vehicle's ability to stop.

If your car's brakes seem to have developed a few quirks (such as strange noises when you press the brake pedal, for example) but the brakes are still largely functional, you may feel that there is no need to bring the vehicle to a mechanic. However, these seemingly minor changes could drastically increase your car's stopping distances or even eventually lead to the brakes failing entirely. This, in turn, could result in you being involved in a road accident.

Given this, it's important to book a mechanic as soon as you observe any new noises or performance issues with your brakes. A squealing noise, for example, which appears when you hit the brake pedal, might mean that the brake pads need to be replaced, whilst a grinding sound could indicate that there's an issue with the callipers. Similarly, any changes to the brake pedal's resistance levels (for example, if it starts to feel spongy) might mean that the hydraulic system needs to be examined.


31 July 2017

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