The Various Reasons to Keep Your Car in Roadworthy Condition at All Times


The fact that private car owners are only required to present a 'roadworthy' certificate when they want to sell their car means many car owners across Australia don't take roadworthiness as seriously as they should. Periodic roadworthy inspection is vital to ensuring the safety of all vehicles on the road, but it can also deliver other essential benefits, including:

Improving your car's performance 

Roadworthy inspection involves carrying out a wide range of tests to check if your car is in good working shape. Some of the components that will be checked include the different types of fluids in your car, the brakes, wheels and tyres, steering and suspension system, lights, signals and reflectors, seats and seatbelts, windscreens and windows, as well as the vehicle body and chassis. While certain aspects, such as the condition of the vehicle body are purely cosmetic, other aspects, such as the condition of brakes and wheels and tyres, can directly impact the safety and performance of the vehicle.   

When you take your car to a qualified mechanic for a roadworthy inspection, they will identify and correct problems that may compromise road safety and also hurt the performance of your vehicle down the line. For example, worn tyres can increase your car's fuel consumption. Compared to new tyres, they will make your engine run harder to negate the reduced rolling resistance. 

Reducing your car repair costs

Through early detection and correction of problems that may hurt the safety and performance of your vehicle, a roadworthy inspection helps prevent vehicle breakdowns that may be costly to repair. Having the inspection performed on a periodic basis can save you a lot of money you could have spent fixing major car issues.

Keeping your car warranty and insurance intact

Most car manufacturers will not honour your vehicle warranty if they discover you need repair work performed because you haven't been maintaining your car properly. Likewise, your car insurance company may refuse to cover the costs of accidental damage to your car if they find out you were driving an unroadworthy vehicle. Having a roadworthy inspection done regularly will help keep tabs on how well you're caring for your car. If there are any maintenance issues that may make you void your warranty or hurt your insurance claim, your mechanic will bring up the issues early. 

To enjoy these benefits, make sure your periodic roadworthy inspections are carried out by a qualified mechanic.


25 October 2018

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