Brake Failure and Why It's a Common Problem for Trucks


Commercial trucks tow large trailers over long distances. Their size and the heavy loads they carry mean that trucks should always be in good condition for everyone's safety. Specifically, their braking systems must always be in good condition to guarantee control by the person driving. Unfortunately, this is not the case in all situations. There have been many trucking accidents related to brake failure. Brake failure inhibits the driver from having control of the vehicle. The results are often catastrophic. If you want to venture into truck driving, then here is a look at brake failure in trucks and the reason it happens: 

Incorrect Air Pressure 

Incorrect air pressure levels are a popular reason for non-performing brakes in commercial trucks. If you are venturing into this line of work, you must ensure that the air pressure is at the right level before embarking on your journey. Many drivers often miss this check, especially if they never handled vehicles with air-pressure braking systems in the past. In brief, an air-pressure braking system comprises compressed air held in small tanks that is released upon the action of the driver. The air presses against a piston, applying pressure on the brake discs to slow the truck. If the air pressure in the tank is low, then the piston will not generate enough force to stop the truck. 

Overloading the Truck 

It's your responsibility to ensure that you carry the right amount of load on your vehicle. The temptation to carry more goods may promise more money, but you will be posing a great danger to other road users and yourself. When the vehicle pulls more weight than it can handle, it requires more braking distance, even when the brakes are in perfect condition. You will not be able to brake effectively in case of an emergency. Additionally, the extra weight stresses the braking components and elevates the chances of failure. 

Improper Braking Down the Hill

Large trucks with air-pressure braking systems have one significant weakness when going downhill, brake fade. If you hold on to the brakes continuously for long periods, they will fade gradually. They will not be able to contain the movement of the truck. Hold on to the brake pedal and take short, intermittent breaks whenever you feel the grip weakening. 

Proper Maintenance 

Proper brake maintenance is compulsory for any truck driver. Your vehicle will only be as good as the last service session you had. Make sure that you only replace your braking components with the right spare parts. The size, load rating and fitting must be in line with the recommendation of your truck manufacturer.

If you suspect that there are problems with your truck's braking system, contact a local service centre for truck repairs.


8 January 2019

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