How to Deal With Warped Brake Discs


Most modern-day cars are fitted with a hydraulically operated disc brake system. This is generally felt to be the most efficient means of slowing down a vehicle like this, and once fitted, it will typically last for many years without issue. However, some of the components may be subject to additional levels of wear in certain situations, and when this happens, performance can quickly deteriorate. In fact, a driver may notice some very strange behaviour, and this may be linked to the brake discs themselves, so what should they be on the lookout for in this situation?

Problems Arise

Within the disc brake system are a set of brake pads that are made from high-friction material. One set of pads is fitted on each wheel, and they are designed to wear down each time that the brake pedal is applied to decelerate the car. Sometimes, these brake pads may be made from an upgraded material that can actually wear down the disc itself. When activated, they may cut into the surface of the disc, and over the course of time, this can lead to imperfections.

On another occasion, a hot set of brake discs may warp slightly if the car is driven through a flooded area. As the car encounters the cooler water, the temperature of the discs will be suddenly cooled, and this may cause them to go out of balance.

Vibration or Burning

In either case, the driver may notice that the vehicle vibrates when the brakes are applied, and this may be accompanied by a distinct, burning smell. This indicates that the discs are no longer "true" or that residue may have built up on the surface, which will overheat and burn during application.


In most cases, the discs can be repaired by a technician using special tools. These tools are attached directly to the hub in order to measure the position and the thickness of the disc, to a high degree of accuracy. Once all of this information has been determined, the machine will be able to resurface the disc to make it smooth once more, but it is also important to ensure that the disc retains a minimum depth.

Action Stations

If you suspect that your discs may be warped in this way, take the vehicle into a repair specialist soon. They will be able to determine whether the discs can be re-skimmed or resurfaced and will be able to return everything to normal if so. To learn more, contact a shop that offers services like brake repairs


11 October 2019

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