3 Signs Your Clutch Is Failing


Clutches are designed to be hardwearing and can last for years, but as you have to change gears frequently every time you drive your car, the clutch simply won't last forever. The engaging and disengaging of gears causes small amounts of friction that will eventually cause your clutch to wear out. It's important to be aware of the signs of a failing clutch, as it makes driving dangerous and can cause damage to the surrounding components if the problem isn't addressed promptly. Here are three tell-tale signs your clutch is failing.

Loss Of Resistance

Your clutch has a master cylinder that engages when the clutch pedal is pressed, and a common sign of a failing clutch is being able to press the clutch pedal all the way to the floor. There should be resistance when you press the pedal, and loss of resistance is often due to a damaged master cylinder. You can check if the master cylinder is damaged by observing the brake fluid reservoir level when the clutch pedal is pressed down. If your brake fluid level rises, there's a problem with your master cylinder.


When your clutch pedal is pressed down, the clutch should slip to prevent your car from jolting forward and making your car ride uncomfortable each time you change gears. However, there should be no slipping when the clutch pedal is released. Slipping when the clutch pedal is not in use is often caused by a worn clutch disc, but your mechanic won't be able to determine this until they remove the pressure plate and have a look at the disc. Slipping should be addressed as soon as possible, as it can cause damage to the flywheel and add to the cost of your repair bill.


If your clutch starts to shudder when you engage the pedal, there are a few possible causes to investigate. The pressure plate could be damaged or the flywheel may be worn. Alternatively, you could have an oil or coolant leak that's dripped onto the clutch disc and caused a build-up of grime that's damaged the mechanism. If you have a leak, you should be able to see fluid around the back of your car or dripping from the clutch housing under your car.

If you think your clutch could be failing, have it inspected by your mechanic as soon as possible. They will strip back the clutch to determine the extent of the damage and may recommend a full clutch replacement. This can be your best option financially, as it's labour-intensive to change clutch components and a full replacement can prevent you from paying for additional labour and parts a few months down the line if your clutch is starting to age and show signs of wear.

Reach out to a professional who provides clutch replacement if yours has failed. 


10 December 2020

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