Factors That Determine the Cost of Transmission Repairs


The transmission system in your car is perhaps the most crucial unit since its sole function is to transfer engine power to the driveshaft and wheels. Therefore, immediate repairs are critical if the transmission system in your vehicle malfunctions. Unfortunately, car transmission problems can catch you unawares, and it is even worse if you do not know the criteria that mechanics use when determining the cost of repairs. This article highlights key factors that mechanics rely on when determining the cost of transmission system repairs.

Manual or Automatic Transmission 

Auto transmissions come in two types: manual and automatic systems. In a manual transmission, a driver must engage the desired gear manually. On the other hand, processes that engage gears in an automatic transmission are executed in a transmission box. Therefore, a manual transmission system might appear complex at face value, but it is one of the most straightforward systems in a car. Thus, the repair cost of a manual transmission costs less. However, contrary to popular belief, an automatic transmission system involves complicated processes and parts, making repairs quite costly. Therefore, the type of transmission system in your car gives you a general idea of repair costs to expect.

Domestic or Imported Car 

The make and model of your car affect transmission repairs. Generally, the cost of repairs for imported cars is high because crucial transmission parts are expensive to source. Moreover, transmission repairs for imported cars require specialised knowledge, and in some cases, authorised service centres, adding to the overall cost. In comparison, transmission repairs for domestic vehicles are relatively cheaper since components are easily accessible from local auto shops. Besides, since the technology required to make transmission systems is local, repairs do not need specialised technicians nor do you need to take your car to an accredited service station.

Vintage or Modern 

Vintage or classic cars have a rich history and hold a high sentimental value. Therefore, it is no wonder most people that own vintage cars seldom sell them regardless of how much they are offered. That said, repairing the transmission system of a vintage car can be nerve-wracking and expensive. The reason is that most of the transmission parts are not in active production; hence, they are extremely rare. In most cases, such parts are found among a handful of collectors locally or abroad. However, transmission repairs for modern car models are affordable since replacement parts are easy to come by.

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11 August 2021

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