Why Use Solid Pneumatic Tyres on Your Forklifts?


While solid or pneumatic forklift tyres work well in many situations, you might not be completely happy with either option. If you're looking for more flexibility, then hybrid solid pneumatic tyres could give you a better all-around solution. What are solid pneumatic forklift tyres and what are the benefits of using them?

What Are Solid Pneumatic Forklift Tyres?

These hybrid tyres combine elements of regular solid and pneumatic products. They are hard, like solid tyres, but also have some of the cushioning you associate with pneumatics. They don't. however, contain any air.

These tyres are composed of layers of specialist rubbers. Typically, each layer in the tyre is made from a different kind of rubber. Some are hard, while others are softer. When you put them all together, you get firm but flexible tyres. They have most of the benefits of solid and pneumatic products without many of the downsides.

What Are the Advantages of Solid Pneumatic Forklift Tyres?

Solid pneumatic tyres give you more flexibility on your forklifts. They bridge the gaps which regular tyres can't fill. For example, solid tyres are great on smooth indoor floors. They can support heavier loads. They also don't get punctured as easily as pneumatic alternatives as they aren't filled with air. However, these tyres can be hard on your drivers. They don't have any cushioning or suspension support. Even small bumps on the floor can make a forklift bump around.

In addition, solid tyres don't always work well on rougher areas or outdoors. Your drivers might have to drive more slowly and carefully to try and get a smoother ride. This might reduce their productivity.

On the other hand, pneumatic tyres have better suspension. They give drivers a more comfortable ride because they can cope with uneven surfaces without making the forklift jolt around too much. However, you'll need to replace or repair these tyres more often. They can puncture if they hit something sharp or hard.

Solid pneumatics have all the advantages of regular solid tyres; however, they have some of the suspension benefits of pneumatic tyres. Their softer layers of rubber make the tyres more flexible. This means they are stable and robust (they won't puncture) but they have better shock absorption both in indoor and outdoor environments. You get tyres that last longer but make your forklifts work more comfortably and efficiently.

To find out more about solid pneumatic forklift tyres, contact industrial machine tyres suppliers.


16 November 2021

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