How to Avoid the Disruption Associated with a Car Service Visit


Over the decades, automobile manufacturers have made their vehicles a lot more reliable, and these companies use parts that have been well-engineered to last as long as possible. After all, they know that consumers will not tolerate unwanted or unnecessary breakdowns, and if the brand developed such a reputation, these buyers would simply go elsewhere. Yet, it is still important for the vehicle owner to pay attention to maintenance and to take the vehicle in for a major service as and when recommended. But this can still get in the way of a busy schedule, and some people simply cannot deal with the disruption that this type of appointment would cause. How are some service centres stepping up to the plate and addressing this disruption?

Cannot Do Without

If you are like many Australians, you will rely on your car every single working day. For example, you might have to commute back and forth to work in an area that is not well served by public transportation. In this case, you might have to take a day off work to keep up with a service appointment, which may be less than optimal. You will want to keep those days in hand to spend them with family or friends or for a much-needed holiday.

Major Inconvenience

It's not always easy to get a friend to come with you when you drop your car off at a service station. They may have other things to do or be at work themselves. Once again, you may not be able to use public transportation to get to where you need to be while your vehicle is in the shop.

Too Much Disruption

With all this in mind, it's not surprising that many people opt to miss a service visit as they just cannot deal with the disruption. They take the risk that their vehicle will remain operational without such a major service, even though they'd like to comply in an ideal world.

Courtesy Cars at the Ready

This is why forward-thinking service centres arrange for a courtesy car instead. They'll have a fleet of such vehicles that are sitting on standby and can be used by a client in lieu of their everyday vehicle. Thus, when you bring your car in for your scheduled service, you will be able to pick up a courtesy car and use it as needed during the downtime. In most cases, this will be just for the day, but the service centre operator wants you to be as happy as possible and deal with your service requirement with a minimum of inconvenience.

Make Your Appointment

So, if you have a major service visit in the near future, talk with the coordinator at the centre and ask them if they can line up a courtesy car for you. 

Contact a local car service courtesy car company. 


27 May 2022

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