Oil Cooler Repair: How to Plan for Fluid Line Replacement


Oil coolers are essential for maintaining the temperature of engine oil, especially in heavy-duty vehicles. Therefore, this component must remain in good condition at all times for optimal auto performance. In general, these vehicles experience engine overheating problems because of hauling loads or driving in adverse conditions. If the oil cooler is faulty, the engine oil could be compromised. Consequently, the engine will experience lubricating and cooling issues. You can avoid related breakdowns by conducting timely repairs of damaged cooler components.

16 June 2021

4 Indicators Your Car Has Engine Problems That Need Immediate Repairs


Most people consider their car is a significant investment they need for daily transport needs. A functional and efficient car helps you run daily errands such as taking your kids to school, going to work and visiting the grocery shop. This means you will struggle with minor tasks when your car starts to malfunction. The car might also drive up your vehicle maintenance costs in repairs and towing services. Therefore, it is imperative to learn the early signs of engine problems so you can have them fixed immediately.

19 April 2021

The Different Ways Panel Beaters Fix Hail Damage


If you leave your car parked out in the open during a hailstorm event, the vehicle could end up suffering damage to its exterior. The severity of damage to your vehicle may vary depending on several factors, including the intensity of the storm, how long it lasts, and the size (and density) of the hailstones.   Depending on how much hail damage your car has suffered, a panel beater may recommend one or a combination of repair services, including but not limited to the following.

25 February 2021