Conducting Safety Inspections on Increasingly Complex Vehicles


Safety inspections are very important in ensuring that the vehicles on Australian roads are in good condition for operation. During vehicle safety inspections, various operational areas of the vehicle (such as the brakes, lights, tyres, and mirrors) are checked for their condition and whether they meet minimally accepted standards. The inspector will also check your vehicle's registration information, insurance and ownership documents/logbook.

An emergent issue in the field of safety inspections is the rise of increasingly complex vehicles on our roads. Indeed, advancements in technology have led to vehicle manufacturers designing innovative yet complicated cars that can make it challenging for inspectors to know how to navigate various features.

Inspecting modern cars for safety

When you take your newer model vehicle for a safety inspection, an inexperienced inspector may not understand all the ins and outs of the vehicle at first glance. For example, some vehicles contain complicated controls for turning the lights on/off. Some also use many after-market parts such as advanced brake pads, specially modified tyres, and even hydraulic systems. Always use the services of an experienced inspector.

To avoid any complications, it can help if motorists go to the safety inspection with a logbook service so the inspector can be aware. Carrying along the user manuals (or at least knowledge of the name and brand of the after-market products) can also be helpful and make the inspection proceed faster.

Some after-market products have been known to decrease the safety of vehicles on the road, thus safety inspectors will look closely at any modifications made to the vehicle to ensure compliance with road safety standards.

Inspecting modern cars for compliance

There is a constant back and forth between new and advanced vehicle features and the pace of the law in keeping up. This means that as vehicle manufacturers push the envelope of creativity and innovation, the law takes some time to respond with appropriate regulations that can oversee these innovations for compliance.

An example is the use of LED lights by vehicles on the road. When LED lights were first installed in cars, road compliance officials were skeptical of their safety and application on Australian roads. Eventually, their benefits were observed and now many vehicles use them.

Indeed, safety inspectors are faced with the important task of regulating vehicles on the road and ensuring safety and compliance. On the other hand, manufacturers are racing to become innovative and to design vehicles that capture the tastes of consumers. It is therefore important for these two professions to work hand in hand in incorporating technology to enhance the safety of today's vehicles and to facilitate the effectiveness of safety inspections.


20 December 2017

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