Diagnosing Your Car's Differential Noises


The differential is an essential system on the drivetrain of your vehicle that ensures smooth turning of the car. Car differential repairs are generally rare because differentials are often designed to last the entire service life of your car. However, this doesn't mean your differential is damage-proof. Your differential may start showing signs of failure, especially when your car is of high mileage. Usually, noises are the main signs of a failing differential.

24 March 2017

You Found A What In Your Engine? A Radiator Checklist For After You've Removed The Snake


A Zimbabwe family got quite a shock when the cause of their car engine problems turned out to be a python. While this particular story may make you shudder, there are plenty of other similar stories where this type of event has happened in Australia, and it's enough to make you never want to open your bonnet ever again! At this time of year, snakes are on the move while looking for somewhere warm to hide out while the temperatures start to drop.

18 March 2016