What's the Biggest Cause of Suspension Airbag Failure?


If you own a truck, you know that wear and tear is inevitable. And one of the components that is most under threat of failure is the suspension airbag. But what is the biggest cause of suspension airbag failure, and what can you do to prevent it?

Avoid Overloading 

The biggest cause of suspension airbag failure on a truck is often overloading. Many truck owners use their vehicles for heavy-duty hauling jobs, which can put a lot of strain on the suspension system. If the airbag is overtaxed for an extended period, it can lead to a breakdown of the materials and eventually cause it to fail. To avoid this, you need to ensure you are not exceeding your truck's carrying capacity. It's essential to check the owner's manual or contact the manufacturer to determine the vehicle's maximum load capacity and stay within it. Overloading can also damage the vehicle frame and other critical parts like the engine, transmission, and brakes.

Keep up with Maintenance

Another vital factor that can contribute to suspension airbag failure is a lack of maintenance. Like any other component on your truck, airbags need regular maintenance to stay in good condition. You should inspect them regularly, and if you notice any wear or tear, get them repaired immediately. Dirt, debris, and moisture can cause damage to the airbag over time and can cause corrosion in the metal parts, leading to rust and, ultimately, failure. Regular cleaning and inspection of the suspension system can help to prevent this.

Fit High-Quality Material Is

A third factor to consider is the quality of the airbag material. You may need to upgrade your airbags if your current ones are wearing out too quickly. Choosing reputable airbag manufacturers and authorized dealers can give you peace of mind and ensure your truck uses the best quality products available.

Know Your Limits

Another important way to prevent airbag failure is knowing your truck's specifications and limits. Different trucks have varying carrying capacities and suspension configurations, and these details can affect the performance of your airbag. Always ensure that any changes or modifications you make to the vehicle conform to the manufacturer's specifications. Be mindful of the load capacity, the kind of materials you haul, the general driving speed, and the terrain you drive in. By understanding your vehicle better, you can avoid overtaxing the airbag and prolong its lifespan.

The Takeaway

Suspension airbag failure is a significant issue you should not ignore. It can lead to a dangerous and uncomfortable driving experience that ultimately can damage other components of your vehicle. Thankfully, it is preventable.  And if you suspect that you have any issues with these parts, always entrust the work to a qualified mechanic.

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9 June 2023

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