The Top Three Maintenance Tips for a Used Car


Most people with the means prefer to buy new cars because they come with fewer mechanical problems. However, if your budget does not allow for a new car, you can still buy a second-hand one, as long as you have it assessed and certified as being roadworthy. Even more important is the task of maintaining a vehicle which has racked up the miles. Similarly, even the vehicle that you purchased new will need a lot of maintenance once it reaches a certain age. Here are the top three maintenance tips to always follow when dealing with used cars. 

Checking the Vehicle's Fluids

One of the first things that you must always remember to assess is the fluids. If the vehicle has these fluids at the time you purchase it, check to see the condition of the oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant. Old cars have a tendency to lose some of the transmission fluid, and when it is less than the requirement, driving the vehicle becomes a challenge because you will have a rough time changing gears, the transmission will keep slipping and the entire transmission might overheat. If the oil is contaminated, have it changed. Have an auto mechanic assess the state of all the other fluids, and replace them as needed. 

Ensuring Brakes and Batteries Are Working

The brakes, seatbelts and batteries of the car are the other parts which deteriorate a lot with age. It is important to perform routine checks and ensure that these parts are always in the best working condition. Most car batteries do not last the entire life of the car, and therefore, the more mileage there is on the vehicle, the more likely it is that the batteries aren't working well. Have a professional mechanic assess the car, and if the batteries, brakes and seatbelts are not in good working condition, replace them.

Getting the Exterior Work Done

Another thing you need to consider when dealing with a used car is its external appearance. Some of the common issues which will need fixing include chipping paint, dents and broken headlights or tail-lights. An auto mechanic will look at the condition of the car and give you a quote for all the improvements it needs.

These are the crucial considerations to have in mind when dealing with used cars. It is always best to let a car servicing professional carry out this assessment and decide on the maintenance procedures that are best for your car. 


30 December 2019

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