4 Indicators Your Car Has Engine Problems That Need Immediate Repairs


Most people consider their car is a significant investment they need for daily transport needs. A functional and efficient car helps you run daily errands such as taking your kids to school, going to work and visiting the grocery shop. This means you will struggle with minor tasks when your car starts to malfunction. The car might also drive up your vehicle maintenance costs in repairs and towing services.

Therefore, it is imperative to learn the early signs of engine problems so you can have them fixed immediately. Here are four indicators that your vehicle needs engine repairs:

1. When the Exhaust Pipe Gives Excessive Smoke

One of the early signs that your vehicle's engine is getting damaged is a change in the colour of the exhaust smoke. The smoke is typically clear when the car is in excellent condition. Clear smoke is an indication that your vehicle is burning fuel as it should. On the other hand, when the engine smoke turns blue, grey, or black, it is an indication that the engine is not burning the car fuel efficiently. The best remedy for this problem is getting the engine checked and repaired.

2. When the Car Starts Stalling

The other indication that your vehicle's engine is breaking down and needs some repairs is when your car starts stalling on the road. This is a dangerous problem because it can get you into a nasty accident. So when your car suddenly stops on the roadside, you should have the vehicle towed to the nearest auto shop for an engine check and repair. Another instance to visit a car mechanic is when the engine light starts to flicker.

3. When the Car Starts Rough Idling

Another telltale sign that your vehicle requires the intervention of an auto repair technician is when it starts rough idling. Rough idling is usually an indication that your spark plugs are worn out. The best way to deal with this situation is by getting a professional to diagnose the cause of the problem and repair it.

4. When You Notice Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks are an obvious indicator of a damaged engine part requiring some repairs. Engine oil leaks occur when there is a worn-out gasket or a hole in one of the systems. Get a car mechanic to assess and repair or replace the faulty components.

When you notice these signs in your engine or anything else out of the ordinary, don't ignore them. Call a professional auto mechanic to help you with the repairs for a safe and reliable vehicle. For more information about car repairs, like Mercedes car repairs, contact a local dealer.


19 April 2021

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