Why You Need to Look after the Engine Gaskets in Your Car


The type of engine found in a typical automobile these days is very well engineered and designed to last a long time. The technology is indeed tried and tested and all the components of the internal combustion engine are designed to work under high pressure and tension, with quite a bit of redundancy built in "just in case." However, parts do wear out and will fail ultimately. When this happens to your engine, an engine rebuilding is often called for.

8 May 2017

Why You Should Never Ignore an Overheating Engine


With blistering and sweaty summer days never too far away in Australia, it seems that overheating can be a fact of life. You know this can be challenging and certainly problematic for you as an individual, but you may not realise how much of a problem it can be for your car. If you've noticed some warning signs on your dashboard that tell you to take action, it's important to take heed promptly.

24 April 2017

4 Reasons You Should Replace Your Old Engine Air Filter


Your car uses two air filters; the cabin air filter keeps the air within the car's passenger compartment clean while the engine air filter prevents dust and dirt from building up across the engine and keeps pollutants from contaminating other systems. People often fail to change the latter when they need to, but there are plenty of reasons why this is a bad idea. Here are just four reasons why you should never neglect to change an old engine air filter.

17 April 2017

How to Keep Your Caravan in Good Repair and Free From Damage


A high-quality caravan should provide your entire family with a great way to enjoy affordable holidays for many years. If you own a caravan of any size of style, it's good to know how to properly maintain it before and after any holiday, so it stays in tiptop shape and lasts as long as possible. Note a few tips for doing this and ensuring your caravan is always properly cared for throughout the years.

10 April 2017

Smells, Sounds, Feelings and Sights That Indicate Your Power Steering Fluid Is Leaking


Without the right levels of fluid, your power steering won't work correctly, and if it stops working correctly whilst you are in the middle of driving, it could cause an accident. Because of that, it's important to know the signs of low power steering fluid. Let your sense guide you. Smells If you see spots of fluid on the ground underneath where your vehicle has been parked, that is a sign that something is leaking.

5 April 2017

Car Problems That May Be Surprisingly Cheap and Easy to Repair


When your car is acting up in any way, you might dread the idea of taking it to a shop, as of course no car owner wants to face a steep repair bill. However, some problems with your car may be cheaper and easier to repair than you might assume; putting off these car repairs can then be a mistake, as they may just get worse and much more expensive over time.

30 March 2017

What Those Odd Sounds From Your Car Might Mean


When your car needs repairs, you might notice odd sounds from under the hood before you notice anything else. You don't want to ignore these sounds, as they may simply indicate a minor repair that needs to be addressed; if not fixed as soon as possible, that minor repair could become something major and expensive. Your car could even give out when on the road, leaving you stranded. Note a few clues as to what those odd sounds from your car might mean.

30 March 2017

Troubleshooting Tips for What's Going On Under the Hood


When your car doesn't ride as smooth as it should or you notice odd odours or other telltale signs of trouble under the hood, you don't want to put off getting repairs. Something minor can easily become a major problem, and you could also suffer a breakdown while on the road. Note a few troubleshooting tips for figuring out what's going on under the hood when your car starts to act up.

29 March 2017

Diagnosing Your Car's Differential Noises


The differential is an essential system on the drivetrain of your vehicle that ensures smooth turning of the car. Car differential repairs are generally rare because differentials are often designed to last the entire service life of your car. However, this doesn't mean your differential is damage-proof. Your differential may start showing signs of failure, especially when your car is of high mileage. Usually, noises are the main signs of a failing differential.

24 March 2017