3 Signs Your Clutch Is Failing


Clutches are designed to be hardwearing and can last for years, but as you have to change gears frequently every time you drive your car, the clutch simply won't last forever. The engaging and disengaging of gears causes small amounts of friction that will eventually cause your clutch to wear out. It's important to be aware of the signs of a failing clutch, as it makes driving dangerous and can cause damage to the surrounding components if the problem isn't addressed promptly.

10 December 2020

How Wheel Bearings Cope with Everyday Stress


Have you ever stopped to think how it is possible for the wheel on your car to turn, while the axle itself stays still? In order to allow this to happen, small but nonetheless crucial parts are fitted in between the rim and the stub axle. These small circular components feature ball or roller bearings inside an outer casing, all of which are covered in grease. Unfortunately, as these bearings need to put up with so much stress, it's not unusual for them to fail, but what are the signs of an issue and how should you deal with it?

27 October 2020

The Top Three Maintenance Tips for a Used Car


Most people with the means prefer to buy new cars because they come with fewer mechanical problems. However, if your budget does not allow for a new car, you can still buy a second-hand one, as long as you have it assessed and certified as being roadworthy. Even more important is the task of maintaining a vehicle which has racked up the miles. Similarly, even the vehicle that you purchased new will need a lot of maintenance once it reaches a certain age.

30 December 2019

Three Central Steps for Conducting Minor Car Repairs


If your vehicle is faulty, it is advisable to consult a professional auto service. This is beneficial for both minor and major repairs. Professional repairs will promote the optimal restoration of the car. Auto technicians will identify the root of the malfunctions, reducing the risk of recurrence. In addition, there will be minimal chance of escalating the problem. However, if you have some time, tools and a little skill, you can conduct a minor repair on your vehicle.

30 December 2019

How to Deal With Warped Brake Discs


Most modern-day cars are fitted with a hydraulically operated disc brake system. This is generally felt to be the most efficient means of slowing down a vehicle like this, and once fitted, it will typically last for many years without issue. However, some of the components may be subject to additional levels of wear in certain situations, and when this happens, performance can quickly deteriorate. In fact, a driver may notice some very strange behaviour, and this may be linked to the brake discs themselves, so what should they be on the lookout for in this situation?

11 October 2019

Do You Need to Repair the Bushings on Your Truck?


As you strive to get as much productivity out of your truck as possible, wear and tear will be inevitable. You need to ensure that you maintain the vehicle at recommended intervals and be as proactive as you can to try and avoid failure. Still, some components get more abuse than others and this is especially the case when it comes to bushings. These particular parts (typically made from rubber) help to keep individual components apart and prevent metal on metal deterioration.

30 July 2019

Two tips for new owners of four-wheel drives


If you have just purchased a vehicle with four-wheel drive, here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind. Get the vehicle serviced by a mechanic that has plenty of experience with vehicles that have four-wheel drive When the time comes to get your vehicle serviced, you should arrange to have this work carried out by a mechanic who specialises in servicing and repairing vehicles with four-wheel drive, as there are several significant differences between two-wheel and four-wheel drives.

30 April 2019

Brake Failure and Why It's a Common Problem for Trucks


Commercial trucks tow large trailers over long distances. Their size and the heavy loads they carry mean that trucks should always be in good condition for everyone's safety. Specifically, their braking systems must always be in good condition to guarantee control by the person driving. Unfortunately, this is not the case in all situations. There have been many trucking accidents related to brake failure. Brake failure inhibits the driver from having control of the vehicle.

8 January 2019

The Various Reasons to Keep Your Car in Roadworthy Condition at All Times


The fact that private car owners are only required to present a 'roadworthy' certificate when they want to sell their car means many car owners across Australia don't take roadworthiness as seriously as they should. Periodic roadworthy inspection is vital to ensuring the safety of all vehicles on the road, but it can also deliver other essential benefits, including: Improving your car's performance  Roadworthy inspection involves carrying out a wide range of tests to check if your car is in good working shape.

25 October 2018

The Typical Causes of 4 Wheel Drive Transmission Problems


One of the systems that are vital to the competency of your vehicle is the transmission system. When this system is failing, it will manifest in an assortment of ways, which can make it difficult for a newbie motorist to pinpoint the root of the problem. The longer this issue goes unchecked, the more money you will spend in both servicing as well as the replacement of damaged auto parts.

20 August 2018